About us

Mediterranean College is an independent, equal opportunity institution of higher education, that has entered its fourth decade. It remains firmly committed to the proud tradition of bringing the best of higher education in Greece, through its collaboration with major foreign universities. Being a private institution, Mediterranean College offers challenging undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs and it is committed to life-long learning, by providing students with the opportunity of attending a wide range of courses.

The College emphasizes on the provision of high standard teaching services and multiple opportunities for personal and professional growth. Along with the investment of its sources in accordance with the students' needs and the pursuit of academic excellence, the College also makes strong efforts to serve the needs of the local community, by initiating projects designed to develop links between its Schools and the local communities, as well as by organizing cultural events in or outside the college boundaries.

In accordance with the philosophy upheld by Mediterranean College, a high quality academic institution should provide its students with contemporary and innovative academic programmes, that encourage students' personal development, lead to powerful academic titles, endorse life-long learning and provide them with the necessary qualifications that correspond to the needs of a constantly changing world.

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